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Pig keeping in the tropics

ISBN 90-77073-53-1

Housing, breeding, reproduction, nutrition, healthcare.

Soil fertility management

ISBN 90-77073-03-5

Problems, plant nutrients, fertilizers, green manuring, crop husbandry methods.

Preservation of fruit and vegetables

ISBN 90-77073-30-2

Preservation techniques, storage life.

Small-scale chicken production

ISBN 90-8573-069-4

Breeds, housing, nutrition, health care, hatching and raising, improving local chickens, products, records.

Fruit growing in the tropics

ISBN 90-8573-056-2

Cropping systems, form and function, propagation, growth rhythm, crop protection, harvesting.

Goat keeping in the tropics

ISBN 90-77073-55-8

Breeding, nutrition, housing, healthcare, milk and other products.

The preparation and use of compost

ISBN 90-8573-006-6

Composting methods, materials, liquid manure, bokashi.

The home garden in the tropics

ISBN 978-90-8573-087-3

Setting up, soil management, propagation, protection, sowing and harvesting.

Cultivation of soya and other legumes

ISBN 90-8573-011-2

Cultivation, nutrition, processing.

Erosion control in the tropics

ISBN 90-8573-013-9

Erosion process, technical & agronomic control methods, cropping systems.

Preservation of fish and meat

ISBN 90-72746-01-9

Preservation techniques, storage life.

Water harvesting and soil moisture retention

ISBN 90-77073-40-X

Water harvesting techniques, land rehabilitation, run-off, contour systems.

Dairy cattle husbandry

ISBN 90-77073-66-3

Cattle farming systems, breeding, calf rearing, nutrition, health, administration.

Small-scale freshwater fish farming

ISBN 978-90-8573-077-4

Fish farming practices, fish pond construction, carp, tilapia, catfish.


ISBN 90-72746-92-9

Agroforestry practices, improved land use, farmers extension.

How to grow tomato and peppers

ISBN 90-77073-27-2

Tomato, pepper, paprika, cultivation, seed production.

Protection of stored grains and pulses

ISBN 90-77073-49-3

Storage pests, preventive methods, non-chemical control, use of pesticides.

Propagating and planting trees

ISBN 90-77073-99-X

Multiplication techniques, on-farm nursery, natural regeneration.

Backyard rabbit farming in the tropics

ISBN 90-77073-74-4

Housing, breeding, reproduction, nutrition, diseases, administration.

On-farm fish culture

ISBN 90-77073-44-2

Integrated fish farming natural fish food, fertilizing fish ponds, rice-fish culture.

Small-scale production of weaning foods

ISBN 90-8573-008-2

Malnutrition, child nutrition, weaning-foods, weaning food production.

Protected cultivation

ISBN 90-77073-90-6

Construction, requirements and use of greenhouses in various climates.

Urban Agriculture

ISBN 90-8573-015-5

Growing vegetables in cities.


ISBN 90-8573-018-X

Storage, food security, income generation.

Marketing for small-scale producers

ISBN 90-77073-89-2

Trade, pricing, food security, production management, financing, cooperatives.

Establishing & managing waterpoints for livestock

ISBN 90-77073-64-7

Livestock water supply, finance, creation, management.

Identification of crop damage

ISBN 90-77073-31-0

Identification of crop damage caused by diseases, pests or mineral deficiencies.

Pesticides: compounds, use and hazards

ISBN 90-77073-14-8

Sage use, poisoning, storage, transport, trade names, active ingredients.

The storage of tropical agricultural products

ISBN 90-77073-60-4

Storage methods, dry seeds, oily seeds, root crops.

Beekeeping in the tropics

ISBN 90-77073-57-4

Bee keeping practices, honey production, bee wax, beehives, feeding, diseases.

Duck keeping in the tropics

ISBN 90-77073-85-X

Breeding, housing, healthcare, feeding, products, administration.

Hatching eggs by hens or in an incubator

ISBN 90-77073-96-5

Artificial incubation, construction of incubators, improved natural hatching.

Donkeys for traction and tillage

ISBN 90-77073-95-7

Donkeys, use, training, equipment.

Preparation of dairy products

ISBN 90-8573-062-7

Significance, hygiene, processing techniques, starter cultures, recipes, cheese.

Small-scale seed production

ISBN 90-77073-43-4

Variety improvement of cereals and pulses.

Starting a cooperative

ISBN 90-8573-046-5

Establishing a cooperative; advantages, types, organization, statutes, finance, pitfalls.

Non-timber forest products

ISBN 90-8573-027-9

Relevance, ownership and rights, processing and preserving, transport and marketing, pitfalls.

Small-scale mushroom cultivation

ISBN 90-8573-038-4

Oyster, shiitake and wood ear mushrooms.

Small-scale mushroom cultivation - 2

ISBN 978-90-8573-083-5

Biology, spawn, composting, harvesting, marketing

Bee products

ISBN 90-8573-028-7

Pollination, marketing, quality and regulation, bee bread, honey, royal jelly, brood.

Rainwater harvesting for domestic use

ISBN 90-8573-053-8

Basic principles, pre-conditions, designing a system, materials, costs, water quality aspects, maintenance.

Mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS in small-scale



Snail farming



The Rural Finance Landscape

ISBN 978-90-8573-099-6


A nursury man and his trees

ISBN 90-77073-82-5

Mini-trees, fruit, nut, roots.

Plant Patents beyond control

ISBN 90-77073-33-7

Farmer Seed Systems, Intellectual Property Rights, conflicts, law.

Exploring Endogenous Livestock



Evaluation Agrodok Questionnaires



A manual for agricultural development workers on ways to start sustainable development

ISBN 90-8573-070-8


Agro-briefs Table 2



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Fodder Trees

The AgroBrief FODDER TREES deals with trees and shrubs mainly or partially grown to provide fodder for livestock. The information in this brochure helps extension workers in the tropics to advice farmers about feeding fodder tree leaves to cattle, goats and sheep. It describes in short how farmers can benefit from fodder trees and which type of tree, how many and where they should be planted. It also deals with harvesting, feeding rations and the harmful side effects, when tree leaves are fed in excess to the animals.

Pesticide Poisoning

The Agrobrief 'Pesticide Poisoning' deals with hazards that may occur when working with pesticides in agriculture. It is aimed at farmers that have little access to existing documentation on pesticides use. It gives an overview of the prevention measures, the symptoms and actions to be taken in case of a hazard.

Snail Farming

In AgroBrief 3, Mariska Leeflang of DIO gives some practical advice on how to start a snail farm, how to manage it, and how to prevent problems. The Agrobrief is accompanied by a list of contact addresses and further readings on snail farming.

Intercropping of annual foodcrops

In this Agrobrief, advantages and disadvantages of intercropping are discussed. Examples of intercropping systems in all parts of the world and practical implementations are presented for farmers who would like to start experimenting with intercropping. Growing (fodder) trees in association with annual food crops and agroforestry are other ways to maintain agricultural production in a sustainable manner.

Variable Costs and Enterprise Budgets

This AgroBrief deals with variable costs and enterprise budgets. This is a small, basic subject of farm accounting that can be used as a means for both planning and evaluating performance of activities on a farm. After describing the basics of farm economics (1) and enterprises (2) methods of calculating a crop budget (3) and a livestock budget (4) are given. The document is concluded with a short discussion on the use of enterprise budgets.

Saline soils

This publication deals with the causes and the prevention of saline soils. It describes the salt tolerance of different crops and gives strategies for controlling the salinity in irrigated lands. The Agrobrief is accompanied by a list of literature sources and further readings on saline water and soils.

Marketing and sales

Farmers find that their environment and thus their lifestyles and their needs are changing. Increasingly they find themselves needing extra income for daily activities/needs besides subsistence. This has serious consequences for the way farmers have to look at the outside world, the way they deal with market orientation and sales strategies.

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