Approach & Methodology

DSC has adopted a working methodology aimed at organising communities and districts to assure coordinated and synergic results. Africa can only move forward when its human resource accepts the challenge to “design, build and paddle” its own canoes. It is only through such an approach that the required organisation necessary for community development can be sustained. The two-prong approach adopted by DSC in grant sourcing and choice of projects to be implemented are:

  • Proactive-ness: involves DSC performing needs assessment, identifying project opportunities in specific locations and sourcing funding to implement them.

  • Reactive-ness: involves an external entity or beneficiary requesting for support from DSC with an already-identified community or locality for interventions.

  • DSC follows a five-step project development cycle that is used in all its community development work. This is to assure efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of all project interventions. The five steps are:

  • Community needs assessment using a livelihood security framework (PRA);
  • Participatory project formulation;
  • Participatory project implementation;
  • Rigorous project monitoring and evaluation with all stakeholders involved; and
  • Impact assessment and post implementation review of projects to measure results, benefits, outcomes and also document lessons learned to inform recommendations, decision-making and the design of future projects.
  • Our Philosophy

    Our goal is to be a facilitator. We treat all our clients as strategic partners. We contribute towards the creation of wealth by helping individuals, businesses and communities to advance and grow. In all our work we adhere to the following principles:

  • We place our clients first in all aspects of our business relationship. Their interests are our top priority, we respect their confidentiality and the trust they have placed in us.
  • Our associates are always at the cutting edge: skilled, professional, and experienced.
  • We have a global presence. When needed we pool our knowledge, skills, and resources worldwide for the benefit of our clients.

  • We possess a unique combination of diverse skills, training, knowledge, and experiences to serve our clients. Our staff and associates possess extensive experience in their respective fields, and have worked in various business, government and public international agencies. We leverage our cross-border and cross-cultural experiences to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

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