Current Projects

  • DSC built the capacity of six (6) GCAP grantees to properly implement the agreed-upon interventions funded by Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project and also assuring linkages to third parties that will provide access to inputs and additional technical services that are to be paid for by the grantees themselves.

    A secondary role was to support the grantees to appreciate the contract signed with GCAP and the need to see through those legal commitments (now binding on them) to both fast-track the disbursement process and also ensure delivery of final results.

    DSC signed individual contracts with each of the six grantees and provided the following services to them within a 6 month period:

    1. Produced training/mentoring material that was used in providing uniform management support to all six (6) assigned grantees;

    2. Completed training and technical needs assessment of each Grantee and their outgrowers;

    3. Prepared an Action Plan for each grantee that is generally referred to as Grantee Support Action Plan (Gsap);

    4. Began full implementation of the Gsaps;

    5. Supported the Grantees to undertake the following:Prepared their funds requests to GCAP by ensuring that the packages were complete with all requisite documentation; completed and submited to GCAP, their Baseline Profile data; and helped them to prepare their second and third quarter (September & December 2014) reports.

    6. Supported the Grantees to update their Business Plans;

    7. Supported the Grantees to keep their transaction and accounting records updated;

    8. Linked grantees to the requisite financial, inputs and value addition service providers;

    9. Ensured that they were in compliance with GCAP and World Bank Social and Environmental Safeguards requirements and water resources use permit.

    10. Helped establish contractual arrangements that increase both Anchor farmers and smallholders' access to inputs, farm equipment and services markets.

  • DSC was the lead partner implementing the CALL project, which is funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The associated partner is Heifer International Ghana (HIG).

    The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) approved the Collaborative Action for establishing Lasting Livelihoods (CALL) project for implementation on 9th March 2012.

    The goal of the CALL project is to enable vulnerable rural farm families in Bole and Sawla-Tuna-Kalba districts of the Northern Region enhance their livelihood security through the adoption of integrated environmentally sound animal production practices, post-harvest management of yam and grains, enterprise development and expansive value addition initiatives by 2015 by reaching some 2,400 direct and indirect beneficiaries in 20 communities.

  • DSC introduced to a wholly private entity, the concept of Monitoring and Evaluation for their mitigation and community development interventions. This involved the design and roll-out of a robust Monitoring and Reporting (M&R) system a year into implementation; setting up of a unit with a staff of 21; managing the implementation for two years to build team capacity and also demonstrated successfully to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group and others, the importance of the unit.

    The unit is now expanded to cover all three mines of Newmont in Ghana. The assignment entailed getting all stakeholders (including Newmont), at inception, to appreciate the importance and usefulness for having in place a system that will enable them track, measure and report on all the interventions outlined in their Resettlement Action Plan (RAP); design of a monitoring and reporting system for a private sector company; Operationalisation of the system to the satisfaction of IFC of the World Bank group.

  • Main Implementer for a MLG&RD Food Security & Environment Facility (FSEF) Collaborative Action for Lasting Livelihoods (CALL) Project in Bole and Sawla-Kalba Districts of Northern Ghana.

  • Community Development Partner to the Bui Power Authority (BPA). Supporting the BPA to provide alternative livelihoods to communities affected by the construction and operations of the Bui Hydroelectric Plant. The project involves the resettlement of eight communities, with a total of 1217 people.

  • Programme Partner in Ghana for the implementation of United States African Development Foundation (USADF) interventions in Ghana. See programme details …. To assess eligibility and apply for USADF support, please download forms and relevant information from this location. The profiles of DSC Staff working on this project is provided here

  • Supported the Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA) of Nigeria to establish and operationalize a “programmes” department that had a budget of over US$100 million. One key achievement is the conduct of the premier Rivers State Conference on Sustainable Development (RSCSD).

  • Facilitated the preparation of a 5-year community development plan for Penyi community, in the Volta region of Ghana. The Plan Implementation Board is established and has been inaugurated. Efforts are currently underway mobilizing the community in readiness to engage donor institutions for plan take-off. This is an intervention fully funded by DSC, with the support of Genuine Products Limited.

  • Main implementer supervising the five-year community development projects of the West Africa Pipeline Company (WAPCo) in Ghana and Togo. The years one and two projects are primarily infrastructural development. For Ghana, the following have been accomplished as at March 2009;

    1. construction and furnishing of 6 school building units at Abuesi, Shama(2), Inchaban and Dwomo(2);

    2. building and furnishing of a Maternity block at Tema Manhean Health Centre;

    3. construction of two flood drains with total coverage of 600m at Aboadze and Abuesi;

    4. construction of two semi-detached 2-bedroom teachers bungalow at Kpone

    5. Construction of an 8-seater aqua privy toilet facility.

    The years one and two projects for Ghana can be viewed here.

    For Togo we have finished the construction and furnishing of a school, a clinic, and a fish processing centre. The details can be viewed here

  • Currently a partner and project holder for Heifer Project International (HPI) (another USA PVO in Ghana) for Volta region. The Project entails mobilizing and working with a total of 340 farmers to provide them with “living loans” that will transform their lives. Additionally, DSC is a mentor to other HPI project holders and assisting HPI with the design and operationalization of their participatory M&E system.

  • Was the main contractor for the community/social capital development component for Ghana and Togo for the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) Project. Following the Chevron-Texaco project development procedure, a needs assessment, recommendations for preferred project alternatives and design of the community development projects to be implemented were completed. DSC was part of the TERRA Group consortium.

  • Partnered EfDI of Nigeria to prepare a community development plan for the Escravos Gas to Liquid (EGTL) project of Chevron Texaco, Nigeria.

  • Partnered EfDI of Nigeria to prepare community development plan for the proposed New Ogborodo township project of Chevron Texaco, Nigeria. A project that entailed a minimum annual expenditure of US$5 million over 10 years.

  • Facilitated the setting up of an ultra-modern resource centre for the Volta Region NGOs Association (VORANGO). A project funded by USAID which then helped to leverage a DANIDA Capacity Building fund for VORANGO.

  • Facilitated the establishment of a community learning centre and internet café at Denu, in the Volta region of Ghana. Although the facility is privately owned, it brought the global communication gateway to an area of 200 square kilometres that had no immediate hope of ever accessing such a facility.

  • Enterprise Development Outreach, through Genuine Products Ltd. DSC is helping to facilitate the value addition by rural communities to agricultural commodities in the Greater Accra and Volta Regions of Ghana.
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