DSC as Ghana Country Program Partner of USADF

The Ghana ADF Country program started in 1984. For the past 25 years the USADF program in Ghana has focused on the small and medium-enterprise (SME) sector to improve its potential for creating greater employment and income-generating opportunities. Within this sector ADF gave priority to funding value-added agro-processing, information and communication technology, salt mining and processing for export, garment and textile manufacturing, exportable handicrafts, eco-tourism, and programs with micro-enterprise components. Currently ADF programs in Ghana are re-focusing efforts on ways for enterprise and community organizations to maximize benefits for marginalized and under-served communities.

DSC became the Ghana Country Program Partner in October 2008. Detailed information on the entire Ghana portfolio is available at http://www.usadf.gov/ghana.html and to view specific project documentation kindly use this other link http://www.usadf.gov/USADF-QuickSourceCountryPortfolioPage-Ghana.html

A new dimension that DSC has brought to bear on the USADF Ghana Program is the element of sustainability. DSC believes in the following key goals that are germane to and forms the bedrock of our work in development:

  • Intergenerational equity - providing future generations with the same environmental potential as presently exists

  • Decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation - managing economic growth to be less resource intensive and less polluting

  • Integration of all pillars - integrating environmental, social and economic sectors when developing sustainable projects

  • Ensuring environmental adaptability and resilience - maintaining and enhancing the adaptive capacity of the environmental systems we deploy

  • Preventing irreversible long-term damage to ecosystems and human health

  • Ensuring distributional equity - avoiding unfair or high environmental costs on vulnerable populations

  • Accepting global responsibility - assuming responsibility for environmental effects that occur outside areas of jurisdiction

  • Education and grassroots involvement - people and communities investigating problems and developing new solutions.

  • Current List of USADF Projects in Ghana as at September 2009

    Detailed information on DSC staff working on the ADF Program in Ghana, kindly click here.

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