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The West Africa Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo) executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with each of the seven coverage communities for its Community Development Projects (CDPs) in Ghana, which provided the framework for all development initiatives planned and executed with the communities. To implement these projects, WAPCo competitively selected and mandated Development Solutions Centre (DSC), a Ghanaian Non-Governmental Organization operating within West Africa, to coordinate its CDP in Ghana and Togo.

For Ghana, the CDPs implemented in the first 3 years are mainly the provision of infrastructural facilities in specific program areas of Education, Health & Sanitation and Capacity Building, as identified by the communities in their Participatory Needs Assessment (PNA) report and validated subsequently by WAPCo.

DSC developed all the necessary documentation and refined the scope of all works planned before construction contracts were awarded to qualifying Contractors, who had between three to six months to complete the works. DSC continually sensitized the communities and kept them engaged throughout construction, and thus enabled WAPCo to undertake its core businesses. Once construction began, DSC regularly supervised and ensured the delivery of all projects without a single site incident. DSC created awareness and internalized the Local Content Maximization mission of WAPCo in our delivery through the contractor selection from locality; local sourcing of raw materials for construction works and local labour employment. Approximately 91% of all labour used in the seven project locations were locally engaged through the Assemblymen.

To assure easy handing over and management of the infrastructural facilities, DSC engaged various units of the seven communities and have firmed up all associated issues. Various management communities in place have taken charge of the facilities. Additionally, the relevant local government authorities have taking part in putting in place the needed structures and frameworks for smooth community takeover and management of the WAPCo?provided facilities. DSC facilitated workshops at the two Laterals to build the capacity of both community members and other stakeholders from the District Assemblies and affiliate staff.

The projects facilitated by DSC for WAPCo consist of both hardware and software. The Hardware component has to do with the construction of facilities for some communities as part of WAPCo's Corporate Social Performance Responsibility.

Hardware Projects that are complete and have been handed over to the concerned communities are as follows:

1. Aboadze: – (1) Construction of four market hatches containing forty (40) stalls; (2) Construction of 430 meters long Flood Drains across the Aboadze township; and (3) Construction of a Community Centre Block.

2. Abuesi: – (1) Construction of 6-classroom school block with office, store, staff common room and staff toilet (2) Construction of 325 meters long flood drain and (3) Provision of balustrade and extension of electricity to the school block

3. Dwomo: –(1) Reconstruction of a 6-classrooms block, with staff common room, office, store and Ancillary Works; and (2) extension of electricity to the school.

4. Inchaban: ?(1) Construction of an 8-seater aqua privy toilet; (2) Construction of a 3-classrooms block (phase 1) and (3) Provision of Borehole, water reservoir and extension of electricity to the Aqua Privy Facility.

5. Kpone: – (1) Construction of 2 units 2-bedroom semi-detached teachers bungalow; (2) Construction of 3 units 1-bedroom semi-detached teachers’ bungalow; and (3) Extension of water and electricity to all facilities.

6. Tema Manhean: – (1) Construction of 19-bed patients recovery ward with full consulting room and treatment facilities;(2) Supply of beds and equipments for the delivery ward constructed; and (3) Ancillary works on the delivery ward.

7. Shama: - (1) Construction of two classrooms and store for nursery; (2) Construction of three classrooms, staff common room, office and store (phase 1); and (3) Supply of school sitting desks to the nursery block.

The software component of the project consisted of HIV/AIDs awareness creation, training on personal hygiene and building the capacity of the communities to take over, own and self-manage all the facilities constructed.

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